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Luba - Over 60 Minutes With...

Over 60 Minutes With Luba is a compilation of popular songs from the first three albums on Capitol-EMI of Canada by Canadian singer, Luba and band. Two additional songs appear on this release, including the hit single "The Best Is Yet To Come" which is featured on the motion picture soundtrack for 9 1/2 Weeks and a live version of the Percy Sledge classic "When A Man Loves A Woman." A 12" club mix of the Canadian gold smash "Let It Go" is also included on this album.

Snowy White and the White Flames - Little Wing

Snowy White (born Terence Charles White, 3 March 1948, Barnstaple, Devon) is an English guitarist, primarily known for having played with Thin Lizzy (permanent member from 1979 to 1981) and with Pink Floyd (as a back-up player; he was first invited to join the band through Europe and the United States, in 1977, and during The Wall shows in 1980) and, more recently, for Roger Waters' band. He is also known for his 1983 solo effort "Bird of Paradise", which became a UK Singles Chart Top 10 hit single.In the present album from 1998, he is attempting with success of course, to intrude into a more bluesy-rock atmosphere.Enjoy a highly recommended release !!!

The Michael Stanley Band - Stage Pass

Recorded over the course of a few nights at the legendary Agora Ballroom during October of 1976, Stage Pass captures the Michael Stanley Band kickin' it out on their home turf before the masses near dirty Lake Erie. The double live LP set, released in '77, showcases guitarist Michael Stanley and his hired guns delivering rustbelt rock for the blue collar crowd, with set opener "Midwest Midnight" setting the stage for the entire collection of cuts. The concert recording also includes "One Good Reason", the party-on "Real Good Time", "Calcutta Action", the eight-minute "Let's Get the Show on the Road", and the encore set closer, "Strike Up the Band".

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FM - Black Noise

This is the first record from FM. It is their most progressive one! This record reminds me many progressive artists, although FM is absolutely unique, since Nash the Slash brilliantly uses electric mandolin and electric violin: the electric mandolin brilliantly replaces the electric guitars, which I am still not convinced they are not present on this record. The masked musician plays charming & delicate glockenspiel melodies too. The keyboards are very varied and modern for the year: there are excellent moog solos, a bit like Anyone's Daughter (Adonis) and Camel circa "Moonmadness". The drums are EXCELLENT, never dull: there is an impressive short drum solo. The OUTSTANDING lead & backing vocals are absolutely catchy, and they have nothing to envy from the Yes band. The less catchy "Black Noise" track, a bit more experimental, has some good floating New Age and techno keyboards reminding a mellow part on the IQ's "Tales from the lush attic" album, and it has a really killer bass sound a la Chris Squire. The bass, violins and drums on "Slaughter in the robot village" have some PFM influences, and the keyboards sound a bit like ELP or Triumvirat. The intro of "Aldeberan" sounds a bit like Alan Parson's "Sirius". This progressive album is for sure among the best ones of 1977.

BOA - Schizoid

Obscured Canadian psych-rock band with only one (vinyl ) release from 1975, presented here...

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John Verity Band - s/t

JOHN VERITY was born and educated in Bradford, Yorkshire, and began his musical career in the early 1960's playing in bands in his native Yorkshire and beyond... By 1969 John was living and working in the US, with the first ever line-up of the John Verity Band doing prestigious support slots with many of the big names of the day including Jimi Hendrix, Mountain, Canned Heat and Janis Joplin. On his return to England in 1971, John secured a contract to record his first solo album for ABC/Probe records, 'John Verity Band', which was released in the spring of 1972.
The JV's guitar playing is outstanding and also the album includes one of the best rock songs ever ..."People" !!!
Whilst on tour promoting the album, JV was spotted by Rod Argent who was looking for new lead vocalist for his band following the departure of Russ Ballard.
John eventually joined Argent in 1973 and there followed a period of intense recording and touring until the band decided to come off the road in 1976.
Argent never did go back on the road, and decided to disband, at which point John became involved with various new projects both as Artist and Record Producer.
First of all along with Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford from Argent, he formed Phoenix, which soon signed to CBS records. The band recorded 3 albums and toured Europe before disbanding amicably when Jim Rodford joined the Kinks, and John and Bob joined Charlie to record an album with RCA Records.
John produced the Phoenix albums, and Charlie album as well as the first Saxon album and Motorhead sessions during this time, and decided to divide his time between session work and record production....
JV missed the excitement of live work though, and soon re-formed the John Verity Band.

Graeme Edge Band - Paradise Ballroom

Graeme Edge (born Graeme Charles Edge, 30 March 1941, in Rocester, Staffordshire, England) is best known as the drummer and a songwriter for the Moody Blues, but has also led his own outfit from time to time, the Graeme Edge Band.
The Graeme Edge Band released two albums in the 1970s.
The first was Kick Off Your Muddy Boots in 1975 on the Threshold record label, a subsidiary of the Decca Records, catalogue umber THS 15. It was released as a gatefold with album art by Joe Petagno and featured Adrian Gurvitz and Paul Gurvitz.
The second (presented here) was Paradise Ballroom in 1977, also on the Decca label, catalogue number TXS 121, and in the U.S. on the London Records label, catalogue number PS 686. It was also released as a gatefold with album art by Joe Petagno, and again featured Adrian and Paul Gurvitz.

Heavy Metal Kids - s/t

The Heavy Metal Kids were formed in 1973 by the merger of two previous bands: Heaven and Biggles. They took their name from a gang of street kids featured in a novel by legendary beat generation writer William Burroughs. The "heavy metal" prefix is also used to define a musical genre which they clearly did not subscribe to.
The initial, pre-recording line-up consisted of Mickey Waller (Guitar), Ronnie Thomas (Bass and Vocals), Gary Holton (Lead Vocals), Keith Boyce (Drums) and Barry Paul (Guitar). Barry left the band in October 1973 to join Flash and Danny Peyronel (Keyboards and Vocals) was asked to join. They were the first signing by Atlantic Records' new London offices, having been spotted by A & R man and sixties legend, Dave Dee.
In January 1974 they recorded their first, self-titled album, produced by Dave Dee and engineered by Phil Chapman. People who seem to have truly noted what the Kids were doing were the Rolling Stones -- the laconic reggae of "Run Around Eyes" is a dry run for the Stones' later romp through "Cherry Oh Baby".
Mickey Waller left the band shortly before they went in to Island Studios to record the follow-up album for Atlantic, Anvil Chorus, in January 1975, produced by Andy Johns. Although most of the material had been co-written with Mickey, the guitar parts were recorded by new member Cosmo.
Peyronel left to join UFO and was replaced by John Sinclair. Shortly after, Cosmo was replaced by Barry Paul, and the band moved to Mickie Most's RAK Records where they recorded Kitsch, produced by Mickie.
John Sinclair left to join Uriah Heep and was replaced by Jay Williams.

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Golden Earring - To the Hilt

This is a great 70's album that's a bit more mellow with a jazzy, nightime feel mixed in. The best track is Sleepwalking, a jazzy rock song with a driving bass. The song sounds a bit like Radar Love, so if you like RL you'll probably like this song. It has some synthesizers and saxophones mixed in at the end. The version of Second Live is great as well, leaving out the jazz feel and going for a faster, more straight up rock sound. You should hear both versions, really. I also like Nomad. It's not a song to rock out to, it's a mellow, dreamy song that is great to unwind and relax with. I love the sound effects in the middle of the song that make it sound like a cowboy is out riding under the stars. It's mesmerising, even though I usually prefer to rock out. Latin Lightning is possibly the jazziest song on the album with some great sax and electric guitar. Why Me and Facedancer are great songs, even though they're really not my thing. My two least favorite tracks are To The Hilt (the Live version is much better, but it's just a bit to much country dance for me) and Violins

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The Movies - Compilation

The music of The Movies was obviously influenced by the Talking Heads and the late 70's David Bowie, although a bit more pop orientated. Lead singer Jon Cole's voice and singing style reminds me of a mixture between Frank Zappa (a little bit) and David Bowie (very much). They issued 5 albums from '75 to '81.
This compilation consists of songs from the abovementioned LP's ,plus demo and live recordings.
Enjoy one of the most underrated UK bands ever !


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Century - And...soul it goes

Century are a French rock band formed in Marseille in 1979. Led by singer and lyricist Jean Duperron, Century are probably best known for their single "Lover Why" from the album And Soul It Goes in 1986. In Brazil, the tracks "Gone With The Winner" was theme from the soap opera called Hipertensão, and "Lover Why" was theme from the soap opera called Ti Ti Ti, both in 1986, by the Rede Globo TV.
Their hit "Lover why" peaked at #1 in France and Portugal and #11 in Switzerland. Their second single, "Jane" reached only to number 35 in France.
The band was composed of Jean-Louis Milford (keyboards), Éric Traissard (guitar), Laurent Cokelaere (bass), Christian Portes (drums) and a second guitarist replaced with Jean-Dominique Sallaberry. The band split off in 1989.

Various Artists - Hear 'n Aid

This project founded by the living legend of heavy metal Ronnie James Dio was done in response to all those charity records for starving Ethiopians back in the middle eighties. We had "We Are the World" in the USA, the UK had "Do They Know it's Christmas?" (probably not since they're mostly Muslims)...country artists, soul, and every other genre did their songs for Africa's starving...so did metal, and that was a song called "Stars" which is the prominant feature of this group and album titled Hear N' Aid. The song itself, written by Dio, is quite good...and sounds very much like a typical Dio song...and while Ronnie himself does more vocal lines than the other singers, he does share the song with the likes of Rob Halford, Geoff Tate, Kevin DuBrow, and others...curiously Vince Neil and Ted Nugent were there but didn't have no lines except singing part of the chorus.The "Stars" itself is worth getting if you can find it on its own, especially just for the long guitar solo featuring the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Dave Murray & Adrian Smith, Neil Schon, and tons more. The rest of the album if you decide to get it features live songs from Accept (Up To the Limit), Motorhead (On the Road...later re-titled and lyrically changed as Built For Speed on the Orgasmatron lp), Scorpions (The Zoo), Dio (Hungry for Heaven), Kiss (Heaven's on Fire), and Rush (Distant Early Warning)...all these songs are pretty much available on various live albums by those artists...there's also two studio tracks, Jimi Hendrix (Can You See Me) and Y&T (Go for the Throat).
Here's a listing of who participated: Tommy Aldridge, David Alford (Rough Cutt), Carmine Appice (King Kobra), Vinny Appice (Dio), Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult), Mick Brown (Dokken), Vivian Campbell (Dio), Carols Cavazo (Quiet Riot), Amir Derakh (Rough Cutt), Ronnie James Dio (Dio), Don Dokken (Dokken), Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot), Brad Gills (Night Ranger), Craig Goldy (Giuffria), Chris Hager (Rough Cutt), Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Chris Holmes (WASP), Blackie Lawless (WASP), Yngwie Malmsteen, Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Dave Murray (Iron Maiden), Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Ted Nugent, Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Donald "Buck-Dharma Roeser" (Blue Oyster Cult), David St. Hubbins (Spinal Tap),Rudy Sarzo, Claude Schnell (Dio), Neal Schon (Journey), Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt), Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap), Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), Mark Stein (ex-vanilla fudge), Geoff Tate (Queensyrche) and Matt Thor (Rough Cutt)


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Dalton - The Race is On

The first of two albums put out by Swedish AOR outfit Dalton, who featured former Treat member Mats Dahlberg on the skins. The song You're Not My Lover was written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Desmond Child, and you could imagine it being recorded by Bon Jovi. This album is for fans of Europe, Journey etc.

Tribe of Gypsies - III

Fourth album from rock act featuring guitarist/songwriter Roy Z who's worked with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson on four of his solo albums and on whose label this album is issued. 11 tracks which seamlessly blend Latin rhythms, pop, funk and metal. Produced and engineered by the legendary team of Richie Polodor and Bill Cooper (Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night).


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